Responsible investment does not end with an investment decision. After buying a position, we continue monitoring our investments and their risks and opportunities. But it goes further than that. We have the mind-set that our funds do not just temporarily own pieces of paper, but have a real interest in the underlying entity. For example, equity investors are part owners of real companies. This implies that we have both the opportunity but also the responsibility to be active owners, communicating with the companies in which we invest, and potentially influencing their behaviour. The aim is to foster long-term corporate value. In doing this, our guiding light is our duty to work for the long-term benefit of our clients.

In practice, active ownership boils down to two key elements: exercising voting rights on shareholdings, and engagement. Engagement involves dialogue with companies – but also other bodies – with the aim of increasing our understanding, and potentially influencing behaviour. For more details, please read our Stewardship Policy.

Voting Policy

Stewardship Policy


Our mission is to deliver the best long-term performance with a strong emphasis on risk. Based on a systematic and objective approach to investment - and a great commitment.


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