Sparinvests recipe for improving PRI assessment scores

The recent published top marks to Sparinvest from UN PRI are noticed in the press. The English language newsletter AMWatch has interviewed Head of Responsible Investment at Sparinvest, Nichola Marshall, who explains what is behind the Sparinvest UN PRI A+ marks four years in a row.

"At Sparinvest, we take the PRI reporting seriously because PRI is the world's leading organization for promoting responsible investments. Their transparency reporting process is rigorous and standardized, and thus the ratings are easily comparable and based on an in-depth consideration of what asset managers do to invest responsibly," Nichola Marshall said.

In the 2018 edition, Sparinvest improved its scores in the so-called fixed income modules, government bonds, corporates and securitized to all A’s from two B's and one C. Nichola Marshall points out that the EUR 11.4 billion investor's portfolio managers had increased their efforts on engaging with companies on ESG issues.

Nichola Marshall explained in the article how Sparinvests portfolio managers engage directly in cases where ESG issues are likely to be material to the investment case over the longer term. Sparinvest uses active ownership to encourage investee companies to improve sustainability by mitigating risks and seizing opportunities.

Sparinvest also gets involved in collaborative engagements endorsed by the PRI, for instance, the Climate Action 100+, targeting the world’s greatest greenhouse gas emitters. 

"Our broad approach to engagement and active ownership is one of the reasons we've improved in the assessment scores in the last year, especially within fixed income," Marshall said. 

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