Value specialist stays true to strategy despite tough phase

Identifying stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic value - therefore having upside potential - has always been at the core of Per Kronborg Jensen's portfolio management and investment style.

Thus writes the English language news media AMWatch in a portrait of senior portfolio manager at Sparinvest, Per Kronborg Jensen. He and the rest of Sparinvest nine man team for value equities search for value shares at Sparinvest, that have a total AuM of 11.4 billion Euro.

Per Kronborg Jensen continues by saying: 

"There's no denying that the last decade has been a difficult period for us as value investors compared to the broad equity market. We have, however, maintained a consistent investment approach, which is acknowledged and appreciated by institutional investors who see it as a positive trait for our portfolio," he says, and adds: "And our performance is actually really good when we compare it to other value-based strategies."

Per Kronborg Jensen concludes the article by saying that:

"I might be biased but I have always believed that value will perform in the long run. As you can become biased as a sector specialist the same can apply as a factor investor but fundamentally, I believe it makes sense to purchase stocks that have a low valuation relative to its fundamental value," Kronborg Jensen says.

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