What should Japanese companies expect from engagement with responsible investors?

In recent years, Japan has seen a reform agenda which includes the introduction of a clear Corporate Governance Code. This highlights to listed companies the importance of long-term value creation and healthy dialogue with their shareholders. Meanwhile, the growing Responsible Investment movement means increasing numbers of investors are reaching out to companies to engage on ESG issues.

David Orr, Senior portfolio manager
In this developing environment, Japan’s financial news platform Quick explored the topic of engagement by interviewing Sparinvest’s senior portfolio manager, David Orr. Sparinvest was lead investor in a UN PRI co-ordinated engagement on the subject of anti-bribery and corruption with Japan’s leading telecoms company, NTT.

"We don’t just invest in a piece of paper, but are part-owners of a real company that we have selected for investment because we believe it has potential. Engagement can be a way to encourage the company to fulfill that potential,” David Orr, Sparinvest. 

Read Quick ESG’s interview with Sparinvest’s David Orr here: