Risky not to have value exposure

Jens Moestrup Rasmussen, chief portfolio manager at Sparinvest, has argued at the recent Nordic Investment Managers Forum Luxembourg that investors are ignoring value investing at their peril given the prevailing investment environment.

Jens Moestrup Rasmussens view on value investing is covered deeper in an article on InvestmentEuropes newsite where he explains Sparinvests thoughts on value investing.

"It’s fair to say that equity market valuations have generally increased somewhat from the lows of a few years ago, so it’s not as easy as it was. But there are wide valuation dispersions in the market, and value investing is often about exploiting such dispersions," he says.

He also explains why growth stocks have had some good years compared to value stocks:"Each value cycle has its own drivers, and one aspect that we think is relevant in recent years is the link between interest rates and value performance. Obviously the past few years have been a period of low and falling interest rates, and this tends to benefit growth stocks."

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