Sparinvest scores hat trick with new listing on Luxembourg Green Exchange

This is the headline given by the Danish financial news site AMWatch to news of the recent listing of Sparinvest - Value Bonds - Global Ethical High Yield on LGX - Luxembourg Green Exchange. This is the third Sparinvest fund Sparinvest to be listed on the ESG window of the green exchange.

Sparinvest scores hat trick with new listing on Luxembourg Green Exchange 

The listing pleases Nichola Marshall, Sparinvest’s Head of Responsible Investment, who commented:

"There needs to be equal if not much more focus more on how responsible investors are working to improve sustainability at companies whose shares and bonds have been traded for many years as there is on newly-created companies. That’s why we think it’s great that LGX is validating an investment approach which focuses on the mainstream equity and credit universes, but sees them through an ESG lens." 

LGX keeps strict control on which funds are eligible for listing by requiring that all should carry a label from one of four accredited labelling agencies. The labelling process requires independent validation of the ESG and SRI quality of the funds to which labels are awarded.

Fifty percent of the world's green bonds are listed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange.

The following three funds from Sparinvest carry a LuxFLAG label and are listed on LGX:

  • Sparinvest - Ethical Global Value
  • Sparinvest - Ethical emerging Markets Value
  • Sparinvest - Value Bonds - Global Ethical High Yield

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