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Risky assets rallied in June 07.10.2020
Reopening creates positive momentum in economic indicators 06.12.2020
Equities rising on expectations of reopening of economies 05.14.2020
Equity market bloodbath 04.20.2020
Coronavirus fills the news 03.10.2020
CLI rebound dominated start of the month 02.07.2020
The Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) is now recovering 01.10.2020
Equity market upturn continues unabated 12.16.2019
Market tensions highlight valuation gap 11.15.2019
Optimism is spreading 11.12.2019
Central bank response 10.15.2019
New records in the fixed income market – again 09.09.2019
Nykredit obtains 75% of the shares in Sparinvest 08.30.2019
Five consecutive years of top marks for responsible investment 08.14.2019
New records in the interest rates – again 08.13.2019
One-step forward, two steps back and one-step forward again 07.22.2019
ESG Seminar - Perception versus reality in the oil & gas sector 07.09.2019
Interest rates continued to decline 07.04.2019
Danish insurer Tryg ups ethics with Sparinvest 07.04.2019
Sell in May and walk away? 06.12.2019
Weak but persistent recovery driven by caution 05.14.2019
Sparinvest opens its engagement playbook following historical collaboration 05.10.2019
A Reluctant Rally 05.03.2019
Strongest quarter for shares in four years 04.04.2019
Why aren't more bondholders flexing their muscles, Sparinvest asks - AMWatch 04.01.2019
Sparinvest lands passive mandate with tailored sustainable approach 03.18.2019
Support from the prospect of a trade agreement 03.14.2019
Sparinvest continues its business in the UK 03.07.2019
Nykredit and Sparinvest enter into conditional agreement to join forces 03.01.2019
The worse the figures, the better 02.11.2019
Sparinvest is proud to be among the prestigious Lipper Award winners in 2019 02.07.2019
Sparinvest signs initiative to exclude controversial weapons 02.07.2019
Significant price declines in the fourth quarter 01.28.2019
Was Powell’s investor guarantee worthless? 01.11.2019
The Powell “put” is driving the market 12.14.2018
Sparinvest scores hat trick with new listing on Luxembourg Green Exchange 11.21.2018
Midterm elections can lift U.S. shares 11.09.2018
Increased focus on responsible investing 11.08.2018
Big stock market return differences 11.06.2018
Sparinvest only invests in sustainable credit bonds 10.26.2018
New head of Denmarks Sparinvest looks to institutions to fuel growth 10.26.2018
U.S. behind rising stocks 10.08.2018
New Chief Investment Officer 09.18.2018
Negative headlines weigh heavy on Emerging Markets 09.07.2018
Sparinvest appoints new CEO 08.20.2018
Value specialist stays true to strategy despite tough phase 08.14.2018
Trade war tweets are theatre thunder 08.10.2018
Sparinvests recipe for improving PRI assessment scores 08.08.2018
Top marks for responsible investment approach 08.01.2018
The pendulum swung back and forth between fear and optimism 08.01.2018
U.S. rates and political upheaval puts the euro under pressure 07.06.2018
Sparinvest’s Value strategy celebrates its 20th anniversary 06.22.2018
Danger signals point to underweight in shares 06.13.2018
The return of risk tolerance 05.08.2018
Sparinvest ESG funds listed on Luxembourg Green Exchange 05.07.2018
Quarterly report Q1 2018 - Value Equities 04.19.2018
Time to lower exposure to shares 04.11.2018
Another Thomson Reuter Lipper Award to Sparinvest 04.10.2018
Value investing - a contrarian bet within European equities 04.06.2018
Sparinvest wins Thomson Reuters Lipper Award 03.21.2018
Trump’s steel tariffs haunt the financial market 03.08.2018
A 30 years downward trend in interest rates has been broken 02.09.2018
Quarterly report Q4 2017 - Value Equities 01.18.2018
A synchronised global recovery supports stocks 01.15.2018
Significant positive effect of Trump's tax reform 12.12.2017
Market conditions could favor value investing again 10.30.2017
Plenty to be happy about 10.16.2017
Quarterly report Value Equities Q2 2017 07.10.2017
Rising rates on the menu 05.01.2017
Favorable environment for value investing 04.27.2017
Strong quarter for value 02.15.2017
Strong quarter for value 01.25.2017
Sparinvest Investment Grade Value Bonds wins French award 12.02.2016
Risky not to have value exposure 10.24.2016
If rates go up it can benefit small and overlooked stocks 10.17.2016
Sauren Fund Manager Rating – Jens Moestrup Rasmussen awarded gold medals 10.14.2016
New Chairman for Sparinvest SICAV 10.07.2016
Positive signs for Ethical Emerging Market Value 10.07.2016
What should Japanese companies expect from engagement with responsible investors? 10.05.2016
Sparinvest fund renews LuxFLAG ESG Label 09.29.2016
New Chief Sales Officer in Sparinvest 08.25.2016
High PRI score to Sparinvest 08.09.2016
Brexit and Bregret 07.12.2016
Strong quarter for credit markets 07.12.2016
Sparinvest signs PRI Statement on ESG in Credit Ratings 05.26.2016
Recovery after a tough start 04.26.2016
30 % increase in oil price is good for the market 03.07.2016
No hard landing in China 02.12.2016
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q4 2015 02.09.2016
Bent Sørensen joins Sparinvest as new Head of Communications 02.02.2016
Why Engage? 01.29.2016
Sparinvest monitors German lawsuit 01.29.2016
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q4 2015 01.21.2016
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q3 2015 10.09.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q3 2015 10.08.2015
Corporate bond sub-funds in Sparinvest SICAV re-opened for trading 08.25.2015
NAV suspended in corporate bond sub-funds in Sparinvest SICAV 08.24.2015
Mergers 08.17.2015
RI Update 08.10.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q2 2015 07.07.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q2 2015 07.03.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q1 2015 04.17.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q1 2015 04.17.2015
Spring in Europe 03.31.2015
What is Active Ownership? 02.04.2015
ECB delivers the goods – read the monthly comment for January 01.30.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q4 2014 01.29.2015
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q4 2014 01.26.2015
Read the Monthly Comment for December 2014 12.29.2014
Read the Monthly Comment for November 2014 12.02.2014
Letter to shareholders - Value Equities Q3 2014 11.11.2014
Read the Monthly Comment for October 11.03.2014
Value Bonds Quarterly Update 10.20.2014
Monthly Comment: PMI data now responding negatively 10.03.2014
Read the August edition of the Monthly Comment 08.28.2014
Value Bonds Quarterly Update 08.04.2014
Read the lastest Monthly comment by Sparinvest's Chief Strategist 08.04.2014
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q2 2014 07.10.2014
The recovery is a reality 06.30.2014
Stock Markets hit new highs 05.27.2014
Citywire Identifies Lone Small Cap outperformer 05.23.2014
Sparinvest Supports LuxFLAG Initiative 05.23.2014
Value Equities Quarterly Update 04.29.2014
Value Bonds Quarterly Update 04.29.2014
Letter to shareholders - Value Bonds 04.17.2014
Letter to shareholders - Value Equities 04.17.2014
‘What turmoil in Ukraine?’ 03.18.2014
Letter to Shareholders Q4 2013 02.20.2014
2014 - A 'Carry Friendly' Year? 02.20.2014
Chief strategist David Bakkegaard Karsbøl’s view on the latest development in the world economy 02.18.2014
Market Comment on Emerging Market Corporate Bonds 12.06.2013
Chief strategist David Bakkegaard Karsbøl’s view on the latest development in the world economy 11.29.2013
5 stars for Emerging Markets Corporate Value Bonds 11.19.2013
Sparinvest High Yield Value Bonds leaves the competition standing 11.15.2013
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Bonds Q3 2013 10.29.2013
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q3 2013 10.29.2013
German awards for Sparinvest’s value equity team 09.23.2013
Letter to Shareholders Value Equity Q2 2013 07.17.2013
Letter to Shareholders: Value Bonds Q2 2013 07.17.2013
Economic Review July 2013 (by Andrew Hunt) 07.08.2013
Letter to Shareholders: Value Bonds Q1 2013 04.19.2013
Letter to Shareholders: Value Equities Q1 2013 04.18.2013
Senior figures from Chinese financial services giant, Haitong, visit Sparinvest in Luxembourg. 04.05.2013
Telos AA+ Rating for Sparinvest Emerging Markets Corporate Value Bonds 01.23.2013
Letter to shareholders Value Bonds Q4 2012 01.23.2013
Letter to shareholders Value Equity Q4 2012 01.23.2013
Letter to Shareholders Value Equities Q3 2012 10.18.2012
Letter to Shareholders Value Bonds Q3 2012 10.18.2012
Corporate Bonds - Ideal for Emerging Markets diversification 09.28.2012
The Value Equity Investors perspective 09.20.2012
Sparinvest and Haitong International enter Sino-European business expansion agreement 09.19.2012
European Value rated AA+ by TELOS 08.30.2012
A value approach to corporate bonds can offer high returns with low risk 08.24.2012
Ikano Funds to be merged with Sparinvest in Luxembourg 08.17.2012
Telos has rated Sparinvest High Yield Value Bonds AAA- 08.08.2012
Sparinvest is runner up in SRI Research Industry Survey 08.01.2012
A Value Perspective on Global Credit Markets 07.24.2012
A value approach for corporate bonds offers a higher risk premium for less actual risk 07.19.2012

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